Welcome to your digital fitness home, athletes!

Every Sunday evening your week’s programming will be uploaded here so you can take a gander and plan your workouts accordingly. Days 6 & 7 are up to you, but remember to make one of them a full recovery day to let your body and mind recoup and preform at its best level in the week to follow. The other day can be an additional yoga, CYOA, or workout. As All-Star Members you have access to the On Demand pages so you can pick and choose what you’re feeling that day.

A brand new Master Packet is linked below with new Standard Tracking Sheets for our upcoming, reoccurring workouts. This is a great way to track progress over the course of several weeks both at a physical level and how you felt mentally throughout the workout. Also check out the Spotify Page for all your sweaty, workout needs.

Let’s get to it!

Up This Week: Workouts

Van Brittan Brown Workout

Time: Around 35 Minutes

Equipment: None

Yoga for Opening Our Lower Back

Time: Around 20 Minutes

Choose your Own Adventure

Type: Sprint Series

Lottie Dot Workout

Time: Around 40 Minutes

Equipment: None

Valentina Workout

Time: Around 35 Minutes

Equipment: Weighted Household Object or Free Weight

Last Week:

Granuaile Workout

Time: Around 30 Mins

Equipment: None

Nellie Workout

Time: Around 30 Mins

Equipment: None

1 _ 4.jpg

Yoga: Balance Practice

Time: 30 Mins

Equipment: None



Winsor Workout

Time: Around 40 Mins

Equipment: Household Weighted Object or Light/Medium Weight


Up This Week: Happiness Practice & Recipes

Starter Material

Spotify List Samplers

Check out of the full set of playlists on the Work. Play. Train. spotify page to rock out while you’re getting your sweat on!