Winsor Workout

 Today’s workout is the Winsor Workout! Grab any weighted household object like a coffee can full of coins, a backpack full of books or water bottles, soup cans, your child, whatever and get to it. You’ll use the weight for the Walking Lunges and Goblet Squats and if it becomes too heavy, either swap out the items or drop the weight all together and do the non-weighted version of either or both movements. This workout will show back up later on, so record how you felt, if you scaled any movements, and what kind of weighted object you used so when you come back to repeat later on you’ll be able to track your progress!

This workout rocks the quads in honor of Mary Winsor, historical badass when it came to Women’s Suffrage, because you know those women had to have good, strong marching legs.

Level One


Level Two


Level Three