Give it a go!

Day Sample/21

Welcome to the Sample Day! Here are all four workout options for the day, as well as, three follow along videos for our at home levels.

The workout is from Day 8/21 of our October Challenge. Each Challenge comes with a Training Journal so you can track all your progress, a Welcome Packet to get started, and guides on how to get after it all.

Enjoy and I hope to see you in a Challenge soon!

Jam out to this Spotify List while you get your sweat on.



It doesn't take much to take a mental step back from the moment, but it does take practice. Today's Happiness Practice is to stop three times throughout the day and take three, deep breaths. Make them slow and deliberate while pulling the air all the way into your lungs. This will result in your stomach pressing out and then as you exhale (still slow) pulling back in. 

By drawing the attention to the breath, you are slowing both the mind and heart which will result in feeling more relaxed, focused, and centered. 


I adore Cauliflower soup. First, it's a thousand times better than it sounds. Second, it's packed with nutition and is a perfect pack up and bring to work the next day meal. Check out this recipe for a kicked up version from A Couple Cooks.

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