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With Work. Play. Train. All-Star Membership you get your programming, workouts, and yoga right on your computer, tablet, or television anywhere, at any time. I mean, really - how great is that?! Every Sunday your week’s worth of workouts and yoga will be uploaded and you can schedule your fitness around your life and really make things happen.

Here’s to making big, happy changes in 2019!

September 21 Day Challenge

Starts Monday, September 9th (First workout arriving the night of the 8th)

*Must use school email for student rate.

I adore the fall and this year we are going to start our post-summer routine out right. Couple workouts, couple yoga sessions, a whole lot of self-love, and some kickass recipes from around the internet!

September Challenge Includes

  • 12 Days of Workouts (Three different intensity levels all with their own streamable, follow along videos)

  • 4 Days of Yoga

  • 3 Choose Your Own Adventures

  • 2 Rest Days

  • 21 Tiny, Awesome Happiness Practices

  • Super Simple Healthy Eating Guidelines

If you are in the Mount Prospect area we will also be meeting up the first Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday as a group and if you are in the Denver area we will be meeting up on Tuesday the 17th to get our sweat on!

Heck yeah for fall fun!



All-star Memberships

  • Updated Weekly Programming - Workouts & Yoga Videos

  • 3 At-Home Levels so All Fitness Abilities Can Participate

  • Programmed CYOAs & Rest

  • Sunday Delivery to Plan Out Your Week

  • Special Membership Deals

  • Training Journal

  • Happiness Practice Worksheets

Receive your week’s worth of workouts, yoga, happiness practices, and more on Sunday so you can plan ahead! Just like the 21 Day Challenge, there are three at home levels to make sure every fitness level is welcome (with videos for each workout), follow along yoga videos, custom Spotify lists, amazing recipes from around the internet, Happiness Practices, and more.

Sign up for the Monthly Membership ($28 per month), 3 Month Membership ($72 -saving 25%!), or Yearly Membership ($275 and save over $100 a year)!

Students must use school email address to qualify for Student Memberships*


Balanced badassery for the calm and focused win.


Stream past workouts and yoga

Enjoy past 21 Day Challenge Workouts and Yoga with our new On Demand Membership. Create your own perfect schedule to help fit your current workout program or bring with you while on vacation!