Seven Day Challenge Day Seven


And just like that... you are a challenge success! Amazing job getting through your 7 Day Challenge so far. Today's workout is revisiting Day 01 so we can see how the movements feel different, how the push-up and air squat tests feel, and check-in with our brain on how they're feeling!


Workout named after the badass warrior Queen Boudica. This amazing woman led one of the most brutal attacks on the Roman invaders. Thinking they could strike as Boudica and her people mourned the loss of her husband, the Romans viciously attacked. But instead of breaking her, Boudica used the devastating blow as a rally cry and served the Romans back ten fold.

Happiness Practice: Brain Check-in

Take a minute or two to check-in on how your brain has felt over the last week and how you are feeling now. Working out and diving into Happiness practices can do wonders for your state-of-mind, but it's crucial to practice recognition of those great feelings in order to maximize the benefits. 

Recipe: Strawberry Arugula Salad

Time for the season of salads galor and I could not be more excited. Check out this winner from the brilliant Cookie and Kate and bring it over to your next dinner party, cookout, or chill evening in!

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