Seven Day Challenge Day Five


Alright! Time to get after a set of cycles with our Tabei Workout. For the newbies, a cycle is a locked duration of time where you try to get through as many rounds of the listed movement as possible. 

You are more than welcome to jump around levels throughout the challenge, so if you are feeling like stepping over to a different one - go for it! Keep it up, all-star humans!


Workout named after badass Junko Tabei who was the first woman to submit Mount Everest and hit the peak of each of the highest altitudes on every continent

Happiness Practice: 2x Mini Breathing Breaks

Make it a point for Day 5 to stop whatever it is you're doing, close your eyes, and take three deep breaths. Do this at least twice throughout the day and pay attention to how your mind and body react. Sometimes the difference between a good day and a great day is a few breaths away. (If you end up not breathing...well, that's a pretty terrible day. Don't have one of those days.) 

Recipe: Mexican Chicken Lentil Soup

I adore lentils. They are packed with protein and absolutely delicious. Plus they hold up well when you want to make a big batch of a recipe to last you the entire week. Check out this great soup from Gimme Some Oven (hilarious) and get yourself over to the grocery store asap!

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