Seven Day Challenge Day Three


Time to get into our first grind set up of the challenge! For today’s workout you will be enjoying a set of lovely mini CYOAs. These are Choose Your Own Adventures and they grant you the freedom to get after any cardio-based activity of your choice. This can be running, swimming, rowing, biking, stair repeats, dancing, hoola hooping, ski erging - whatever! Pick your movement of choice and get after it!

The Blackwell workout is one of our All-Star workouts.


Workout named after badass Elizabeth Blackwell who was the first woman in the United States to receive her medical degree and went on to open her open medical college for women. Talk about backing a girl up!

Happiness Practice: Funny Old Videos

I recently found an old youtube from a couple years ago that I had thought was side stitching funny and hit play. Annnnnnddd it made my week. Like the laugh and smile to myself multiple times a day when it popped into my head. It’s not really that funny when I really look at it, but for whatever reason I adore it and am so thrilled it’s back in my life. Go digging in your memory and then into the world of youtube and let us know what you find!

Recipe: Juicy Baked Pork Chops

We all need a nice set of go-to recipes that we know will be delish any time of the year! Check out this beauty from The Endless Meal for a pork chop recipe you won’t want to deviate from.

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