Seven Day Challenge Day Four

04/07: Yoga My Way

For our half way point we are diving into another flow, but all going to rock the same one together. Today’s flow is all about opening up the chest and pulling our posture back into alignment.

You are doing amazing! Keep it up and keep eating those fruits and veggies!!


Yoga Flow

Happiness Practice: Five Minutes

Let’s be honest, when people tell you to take time for yourself it can seem a little like pie in the sky advice. But you can do five minutes. In fact, you probably do take five minutes without noticing it and end up doing something you don’t really love - like scrolling through a friend of a friend’s Facebook or rewriting your grocery list because you don’t know where you put the first one. Day Four’s Happiness Practice is to dedicate five minutes to something you love to do just for yourself. Then get your booty back to your normal life.

Recipe: Brilliant Egg Sandwiches

Check out these adorable egg sandwiches which are quick to make and well-balanced blend of protein and veggies!

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