Seven Day Challenge Day One


Welcome to Day One of our Seven Day Challenge. Every evening one of these little beauts will show up in your inbox with the next day's workout or yoga attached along with your Happiness Practice and one of my favorite recipes from around the internet. 

Remember, we are all about having fun and encouraging you to make the workout your own. Take a look at the levels to the right to find the right fit and follow along with the matching video tomorrow. Make sure to jot down how many push-ups and air squats you get to in your mini tests so you can see the change at the end of the week. 

I'm so excited for everything you're going to accomplish! 


Workout named after the badass warrior Queen Boudica. This amazing woman led one of the most brutal attacks on the Roman invaders. Thinking they could strike as Boudica and her people mourned the loss of her husband, the Romans viciously attacked. But instead of breaking her, Boudica used the devastating blow as a rally cry and served the Romans back ten fold.

Happiness Practice: Reach out to a loved one

Tell someone you care. Call, email, text, FaceTime - whatever works for you works. It doesn't have to be something big, but reach out and let them know they are important to you and on your mind. Reaching out and connecting with our community even at the smallest level helps strengthen our overall sense of connectivity, increases joy, and decreases anxiety and stress. A whole lot of positive for such a small action!

Recipe: Spicy Southwestern Salad

Check out this hearty salad from our friends at Pinch of Yum. Absolutely beautiful and delish! Check out the rest of the site as well for a whole collection of amazing meals. 

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