September Challenge


Whoa! This challenge flew by. I am so proud of all of you and everything you have put in - physical, emotional, mental. You are truly amazing and badasses all around.

We are back to our final benchmark. Get out your Training Journals or wherever you are tracking your notes and let see what we can accomplish today!

Again, I am so happy for you. Fantastic work, you beautiful human!

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: A Bit of Recognition 

Today's focus is to recognize other people's accomplishments and positive actions or mindsets. The way they are crushing it at work, how they seem extra happy today, their continued kindness even when they think no one is watching - if you see it, then express your appreciation for it. This has an amazing pay-it-forward way about it and ends up with a much more positive atmosphere all around by the end of the day.

Recipe: Raw Fruit Crisp

Here is a healthy, beautiful way to celebrate anything you may want to celebrate this weekend! Plus, it's super quick to make so you won't be caught up in the kitchen all day. From the wonderful mind of The Minimalist Baker!

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