September Challenge


Time to slow it down a bit and get into the Elliot, but only at about 70% of our usual intensity. Our goal here is to keep the body moving while letting the muscles chill out a bit in comparison to our usual push. This is to get us ready for our maximum drive this Sunday when we have our last Benchmark!

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: The Choice of Self

Today I want you to focus in on all the little choices you make throughout the day and create space for tiny reflection on those choices. Assess on the why, the motivation behind it, the "is this really what I wanted to do"-ness of it all. Then if it is, self high-five. If not, simply having the knowledge for the next time around will help in beginning to act on what you'd really like to do rather than your go-to action.

Recipe: Drunken Pinto Beans Over Creamy Polenta

A change up to the usual fare for dinner - check out this recipe from Well Vegan. Polenta is one of those things I initially pull away from and internally shiver, but then I eat it and am convinced it's the greatest thing in the world. So, you know.

Looooove. Looks like I'm having a sundae with broken chocolate bars on top for dinner tonight. 

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