September Challenge


We are back to the Wangari Workout today to see how our bodies and minds are feeling in comparison to Day 01. For some it will feel easier, for some harder, and for some you may curse having to repeat it. Depending on what your training was like before the challenge and how your body reacts to the intensity of the past week will give each of us our own reaction in getting after this set-up again.

Jot down how you did and felt in your training journal and keep up the AMAZING work!

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Three Things to Someone Else

Share three things you love about someone to that person. Call them up, email, text, send a carrier pigeon - just let them know how you feel and what makes them so special to you. Sharing love and positivity to make each of our worlds a bit brighter and more connected!

Recipe: One Soup Three Ways

The love bugs over at Green Kitchen Stories has this brilliant group of soups ready for you to take on the changing weather with. I am in love with their entire site, so get ready to deep dive.

How you should feel about today’s workout!

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