September Challenge


Nothing like feeling like exactly what you are! Today's yoga is all about that strength and grace, baby. (Or attempt at grace - because that's what grace actually is, right?) We are strolling into the final stretch (pun intended) of this challenge. Need I mention again how amazing you are?! YOU ARE AMAZING!

Keep it up.

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Happiness Practice: Change It Up

Add a little variety to your day by changing up the normal way you do things. Take a new route to work. Visit a new coffee shop. Talk to someone new in the office. Anything that can add a small switch to the usual can provide a new perspective and opportunity to see things from a different angle.

Recipe: Summer Rice Salad with Halloumi & Strawberries

One of my favorite healthy recipe blogs - Green Kitchen Stories - is bringing us this beaut to help close the summer off as well. Because it's official people. We are into the fall and we all must love every aspect of it. (But also sneak an awesome salad in while we can.)

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