September Challenge


For Day 16 we are getting up and getting our flow on right off the bat. Starting the day with a flow is a great way to calm the mind and relax the body in order to be the most calm and productive versions of ourselves.

Can you believe we are already in Week Three?!! You are badasses all around!

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Happiness Practice: Little Affirmations 

At the beginning of the day, I want you to pick one positive phrase to own for the next 24 hours. This can be something like, "I am strong & capable", "I am boss, badass, beaut who is going to take on the world", or "Calm, peace, focus". Get creative and repeat it to yourself multiple times throughout the day.

Recipe: Grilled Summer Veg Bowl

Ok, I've been overloading the fall recipes and the weather isn't really following along. Here's a summer vibe veggie bowl from one of the greats - Naturally Ella. I love fall, but I guess these last few days of heat aren't anything to complain about!

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