September Challenge


Let's get into a little Yoga for Recovery now that we are in the middle of our challenge! Slow it down and focus in on each and every movement to help the mind and body connect for a more peace practice and day.

Your hard work is paying off and I am so beyond thrilled for you!

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Happiness Practice: Alone Time

Spend 5-10 minutes today getting into something you love soley for yourself and by yourself. By actively carving out even 5 minutes of happy alone time can reset the mind and create a sense of balance and reestablished control when things get a bit out of hand. MAKE IT HAPPEN. (Because you're amazing and deserve it.)

Recipe: 5 Minute Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes you just need to get out the door without any production and this is where A Couple Cooks have got your back (and stomach). Check out this awesome sandwich and get to cookin'.

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