September Challenge


Time for a little yoga flow to slow down our movement patterns and center our hearts and minds. Today's flow is all about building strength while staying connected to the moment. Nothing like a little stretch that builds muscles!

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Happiness Practice: A Compliment Trifecta

Today's Happiness Practice is centered around the notion of putting more good vibes out in the world. We are going to dish out three compliments before the day is through. One to someone you love, one to a complete stranger, and one to yourself. It can be on anything (appropriate to the different receivers), but it has to be true and genuine.

Go make some hearts happy.

Recipe: Jambalaya Stew

This is a vegan take on Jambalaya, so no matter what meal plan your eaters are currently on you can dish this out while feeling like you're not skimping on anything. Plus, it's jam packed ingredients to keep you feeling great all day.

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