September Challenge


Let's start our weekend out with a kickass workout! For this one you will need any weighted object from around the house, plus a sturdy chair, bench, or couch to rock some chair dips and chair push-ups on. The weighted household object can be anything that will provide a bit of resistance - a backpack full of books, a large jug of water, your two year old child, the dog. Pick it up, hold it at chest level, and make it happen! (Can also be a free weight if you have one.)

Last Mount Prospect meet-up will be tomorrow at 701 N. Wheeling Road Mount Prospect, IL 60056 at 6:45 am! Rain or shine.

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Doodle It Out

Take out a piece of paper, a pen, or some pencils and let the mind roam. Set a timer for five minutes and draw whatever comes to mind. Try to keep your pencil moving for the entire duration without judging yourself or what is showing up on the paper. This is a great one to get the whole family or roommates involved! Drawing is a great way to let your mind relax and regroup while keeping it distracted enough to avoid looping on any particular notion or idea.

Recipe: Green Goddess Bowl

If I could only have bowls in my house for the rest of my life I would. Pack in all the great veggies and nutrient rich ingredients with this goddess bowl from The First Mess and feel your mind, body, and heart be happy!

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