September Challenge


You are amazing! This is your last workout before a Yoga Day on Day 4, so rock it out and then get ready for some stretching the next day!!

If you are in the Mount Prospect area, then come hang out with the crew at 6:45 am tomorrow morning at the triangle park (corner of Shabonee and Hi Lusi). If it's a storm however, group will be cancelled. Fingers crossed it's not!!

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Mini Meditation Break

For Day 03 you are going to take out a timer (phone or other) and set it for 5 minutes. Sit your booty on the ground or on a hard-backed chair, gently close your eyes, and start to pay attention to your breath. Listen to the inhale, allow it to take a few extra seconds, listen to the exhale. Start to count to ten - inhale for one, exhale for one. Inhale for two, exhale for two. Count all the way to ten and then start back down at one.

If you lose count - do not worry about it! Just start back at one and try again. Then once the five minutes are done you can go on with your day in a new state of calm!

Recipe: Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl

Yuuuuuummm! Load up on the veggies and make enough to bring to work the next day. These are my favorite kinds of recipes. Feel free to get creative with it and add in or swap out a veggie of choice.

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