September Challenge


Congrats on accomplishing Day 01! Now we are diving into one of everyone's favorite set-ups... the Grind. Here we weave together a little bit of cardio with a little bit of body weight movements for the perfect heart pounding, endorphine inducing style workout.

For your CYOA, you can do any cardio-based movement you'd like. Run, swim, bike, jump rope, row, light weight kettlebells swings, burpee/mountain climber switch-up, and so on. Pick one and rock it with all you got.

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Happiness Practice: Take a Beat

When in conversation today, allow yourself to be fully present while speaking to others and don't start to think of your response before they are done talking. Once they've expressed their whole thought, then take a second and think about what you want to say. They will feel like you're more engaged (which you will be) and you'll walk away with a deep feeling of connection.

Recipe: Avocado Toast

There might be a chance I'm eating some as I write this. Fine, there's not a chance - I am enjoying myself a bright pick-me-up and soaking in this summer/fall mix-up weather. I love this post from Cookie and Kate because it gives a little extra variety to cover everybody's taste.

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