September Challenge


Alright, today's goal is to get out and move but in a nice and relaxing way. Find the track you've been rocking and get after an easy version of your CYOA. This means if you usually run an eight minute mile, then go for a twelve minute. If you usually swim, reduce your lap count by about 25%. If you are out hiking, then shorten the overall distance or difficultly level of the climb. Almost there, people!!

Get out and make it happen

Happiness Practice: Absorb All the Good Feelings

You have made it to Day 20! That is amazing and wonderful and you should be so damn proud of everything you have accomplished. Take a minute or two today and write out all the specific things you are proud of accomplishing over these last three weeks. I can be a specific workout, the art of making things happen even when you didn't want to, a mindset... anything. Write it down and be proud!

Recipe: Blackberry Basil Pizza

Sometimes I look at a recipe and wonder if it would be acceptable for me to make and keep as my center piece while refusing to let anyone eat it. Look at how gorgeous and unique this pizza recipe is from Love and Lemons! Deep love for these guys!

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