September Challenge


Yaaaaaaaas, Queen (and Kings)! Today we are kicking the intensity up with our Sprint CYOA. Same as last week, you will pick any cardio-based activity you'd like and follow the workout breakdown below. You can swim, run, bike, row, cross-country ski... anything!

Let's close out this week strong and like the total badass you are!!

Get out and make it happen

Happiness Practice: A Day of Self-Reflection

Today's Happiness Practice is extremely straightforward. All I want you to do is continually reflect on how your habits, interactions, activities make you feel throughout the day. Reflect on these things in the moment and then again at the end of the day. What made you particularly happy? What brought you down a bit? What tiny changes can you bring over to your tomorrow that will make it even just a smidge better and more content?

Recipe: Sweet Mother of Fall

Sweet potatoes are fantastic in any form, but you can't really beat any kind of mashed potato. Thank goodness for Two Peas in Their Pod bringing us this amazing recipe to continually bring in the fall love!

Sooooo good.

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