September Challenge


You are amaaaaaaaaazing!!! Two weeks down and one to go. For our Day 14 we are going full rest and that means for the mind too. (Today's Happiness Practice will have more on that.)

Take a breath here to recognize how unbelievably awesome you are. God damn, you're so great.


Happiness Practice: Stop And Take A Beat

We're taking what would have been the hour of workout and re-channeling it into something we find comforting and relaxing. This can be any activity off a screen. Reading (a physical book), drawing, painting, grabbing coffee with a friend, playing guitar, singing, etc. Slow your roll and do something you love.

Recipe: Little Sweet Cream to Relax With

Any excuse to drink coffee is a good excuse to me. The beautiful brain at Joyful Eats is bringing us this iced coffee with sweet cream recipe to make our weekends 1000x better!

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