September Challenge


You have put in some incredible work this week and are already a third of the way done! Today is all about having some fun with your fitness. Call up some buddies and go for a hike, hop in the pool for a relaxing swim, go for a solo bike ride around town. Move the body and get the heart feeling gooooooooood.


Happiness Practice: Screenless Sunday

Okay, beauties! Level up time. Try to nix the screens this Sunday. It's all about slowing down the pace and reconnecting to those around you. Or just giving yourself a bit of time do reengage with something you love or find something new.

Recipe: California Rolls

The idea of making sushi at home is a bit overwhelming, but with this recipe from The Kitchn you'll be slicing, rolling, and chomping down on all kinds of killer rolls in no time!

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