September Challenge


Happy Day 06, athletes! Today is our first CYOA which means you can pick any cardio-based activity you'd like for the set duration listed below. This means you can run, swim, jump rope, walk, hike, hoola hoop, get after minute on/minute off of light to medium kettlebell swings, row, cross-country ski... anything you want!

You are doing a terrific job and should be so proud so far!! Keep it up.

Get out and make it happen

Happiness Practice: Get Out Into Nature

Besides being a straight up good time, getting out in nature has the ability to boost the mind in both a creative and centering way. We're able to connect better with the world around us and it's a great way to connect with friends while keeping the body moving!

Recipe: BLT Cups

What the frickin' adorableness! Check out these bite size snacks that skip the bread, but pack in the flavor. I never need an excuse to eat a BLT, but this may allow me to do it every day.

Sums up every swim practice I ever had...

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