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We’re so happy you stopped by. Here you can take a look at all Work. Play. Train. Kids will have to offer and test out each element whenever you’d like.  Work. Play. Train. Kids is all about helping students, teachers, and families understand how to take health and wellness into their own hands and use healthy tools throughout the day to make themselves feel strong, confident, happy, and calm.

Work. Play. Train. Kids launches later this spring!

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Gym Class

Stream a sample P.E. Workout, Yoga Flow, Warm-up, or Cool Down. Mix and match whenever you need.

Workouts named after awesome humans in history.

Classroom Breaks

Stream one of our three types of Classroom Breaks: Movement, Yoga, or Mindfulness! Use breaks at the beginning or end of class or the day.

backyard athlete.jpg

Backyard Athlete

Check out a sample Backyard Athlete Workout, Yoga Flow, Happiness Practice, and some of our Brain Box tools at home, at any time!