November Challenge

Day 7/21

Week One completed! You've rocked workouts, yoga, healthy eating, and happiness practices. You are taking amazing steps toward creating life-long healthy habits that help keep you centered, happy, and feeling good! 

Enjoy your day off with a little something extra you enjoy and keep up your healthy eating and happiness practice. 

Day Seven _.jpg

Happiness Practice: Make plans with someone you haven't seen in awhile

Life has a way of us pulling us in a thousand different directions and distracting us from what truly matters. Call or text someone you thoroughly enjoy spending time with and set up a date to catch up. Life is far less complicated than we tend to make it and sometimes it's as simple as calling up an old pal to remind us of that. 

Recipe: Autumn Glow Salad with Lemon Dressing Recipe

Warm bellies on increasingly cold day  - whip up this Autumn Glow Salad to kick the chills right out of the house. It's jam packed with veggies and has the perfect light dressing we dream about!

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