November Challenge

Day 05/21

Today's workouts is our Grind set-up. These are designed to mix our typical cardio-based movements with our body-weight moves to increase endurance and stamina in fun, broken-up sections. You should be pushing hard during your Rounds and trying to get in as many reps as you can while maintaining good form, then attempting to go slightly faster than your normal mile pace during your CYOA.

If you can't leave your house and don't have a treadmill, bike, rower, or jump rope available at home you can do this 3 or 5 minute cycle in place of the 3 or 5 minute CYOA. 

3 or 5 Minute Cycle
10 Burpees
20 High knees
30 Mountain Climbers

Yay! Get after it and enjoy your beautiful Monday! 


Click on one of the three levels below to start your follow along video.

Happiness Practice: Sit your booty down.

We're getting into a Gratitude Meditation today for our Happiness Practice.

  1. Find a nice comfortable spot on the ground or in a hard-backed chair.

  2. Set a timer for 5 Minutes and press go.

  3. Let your hands rest on your knees or in your lap and gently close your eyes.

  4. On every other inhale let yourself think of something, someone, some experience you're grateful for. 

  5. Repeat until timer goes off. 

An easy five minutes can completely flip your mood for the day toward the better and help make those connections that put our hearts and minds at peace. #Monthofsweatygratitude in full force!

Recipe: Perfect side to last you the week

Cauliflower Rice is an awesome side dish to add to almost any meal, plus you can make a large batch of it one night and then have an easy add on to all your other meals during the week. Here's a version fromThe Food Networkthat is super straight forward!

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