November Challenge: Yoga

Day 04/21

Hello, beauties! Today we are hitting the mat and stretching out those well used muscles. This is a quick 20 minute flow that you can get after anywhere, so no excuses. Yoga is a fantastic way to check in with the body, mind, and soul at the same time. Today we are focusing on being present while starting to open up our joints. Pay attention to how each side feels while in the movement and how your mind is reacting to the flow.

I’m so proud of everything you are putting into your own health and wellness! You are showing up and making changes that will last a lifetime if you want them to, so major cyber high-five.

Enough emotions, go get your flow on! Enjoy this brand new Spotify Playlist for your Yoga today.


Happiness Practice: Map It Out

Flip to the last page of your Training Journal to the Map It Out page. (Don’t worry, we’ll get back to the Small Comfort page later down the road.) Take some time today to jot down where you want to be in 5 Years and then work backwards for the remaining three time slots until you have a roadmap. Paying attention to different time markers is a great way to grasp what work realistically needs to be done in order to accomplish our long term goals. Plus, it creates shorter term goals to help us stay connected to the big picture and still feel like you’re getting sh*t done.

Recipe: Veg. Radish Barbecue Bowl

Pure Wow hooking us up with a veggie packed bowl of delish today with this bowl. One of the thing I love about these bowls is that you can add with will any other veggie you love and (for the most part) it works fantastically well! Enjoy, athletes!

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