November Challenge

Day 03/21

Today we are getting into our Cycles. For these bad boys, you are going to continue repeating the listed movements as many times as you can within the established timeframe. The last set is Ladder Cycle - add one additional rep to each round you get through. So do one rep of each movement, then two reps of each, then three... until the 5 minutes are up.

The scaling options for each movement are in parentheses in the videos and remember you can always scale after the first couple rounds if you need to.

Another great way to scale is to take down the reps a little bit. For example, if 20 Jumping Air Squats isn't going to happen today, then swap out for 15 or 12. It's all about getting after a workout that you can feel confident, strong, and safe in while kicking some fitness booty!


Happiness Practice: List of Happiness

Flip to the back of your Training Journal to the page labeled List of Happiness and follow the instructions. Let your mind relax and the pen list out whatever your mind comes up with. At the end, step back and take stock of all the moments, people, habits, and ideas that bring your joy and how you might be able to bring those into your life on a more regular basis. 

Recipe: Another way to use that broccoli!

Check out this Chicken & Broccoli Stir-Fry from I Heart Umami. A great one to make a big batch of on Sunday and divide out for the rest of the week's work lunches or quick go-to dinners. Also, who doesn't love stir-fry?!

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