November Challenge

Day 02/21

Onward and upward, athletes! Amazing work getting after Day One. We're keeping it up with this smoker and then heading into our first Cycle tomorrow. (Not a bike ride.) 

As always, please scale where you need to. Not all movements are going to fit where your body is at currently, but if you make it your own and swap movements where needed you are going to rock this challenge through and through! Scaling options are on the sides of each movement.

Today we have a Goblet Squat, which is a weighted movement. This can be anything from around the house that you can easily hold on to with two hands while keeping your elbows close. In the videos, I am using an emptied coffee container filled with coins. A backpack filled with books or water bottles, a single big book, your child, free weights you have at home -  all work great. Get creative and let's get our sweat on!

Happiness Practice: Say hello

Make it a point today to say hello to three people you typically wouldn't. You don't have to go into full conversation with them or really anything past just saying hi. These simple acts of recognition can have a profound effect on the course of the receiver's day and will start to create a better sense of connection for yourself. 

Recipe: Easy Green Smoothie Bowl

Paleo Crumbs coming in perfectly chilled with this packed Easy Green Smoothie Bowl. You do not have to add the protein powder if that's not your thing. Who am I kidding, you don't have to add anything if it isn't your thing! This is a great treat swap or quick breakfast addition.


November: Playlist One

October: Playlist Six

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