01/21: Here we go!

Day 01/21

Hello, you wonderful athlete! Welcome to the November 21 Day Challenge where we are going to get after a fantastic set of workouts, yoga flows, and healthy eating all between Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Below you will see all four workout options, your Happiness Practice, and one of my favorite recipes from around the internet.

Note on the workout: The Air Squat Test and Push-up Test are intended to see how many reps you can complete within in the minute with high quality and strong form. Definitely rock the knee push-ups if you feel your hips starting to dip toward the ground. Make a note of which style you choose and how many reps. Feel free to switch halfway through. Form over reps, baby. 


Happiness Practice: Letter of Gratitude

This month is all about gratitude and we are kicking it off with a little focused love toward a person or experience that has brought us joy, clarity, understanding, or simple everyday happiness. 

Flip to page 13 of your Training Journal (click to download here) and use this space to write a letter to someone or to an experience you are grateful for. You do not have to send the letter, but if you do want to then you can find a blank card or paper instead of in your journal. 

Once you're done, take a second to reflect on why you chose this particular person or experience. Understanding why or simply recognizing why certain people or moments are important to us helps shift our perception in our day-to-day lives and helps makes things a little brighter. 

Recipe: Chickpea & Vegetable Coconut Soup

We're starting this challenge off with a delicious vegan recipe from the folks over at I Love Vegan. If your stomach doesn't agree with any of the listed ingredients, feel free to swap out or double up on one of the ones that do!  

I'm so happy soup season is upon us. 

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