November Challenge

Day 14/21

Week Two complete! Amazing work on staying dedicated to your workouts and yoga this week. We are heading into our final seven days aaaannndddd closing the gap to Thanksgiving! Let yourself have a lovely rest day and get after your happiness practice with gusto. 

Have a blast today and I will see you tomorrow.

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Happiness Practice: 5 Minute Meditation

Sit and quiet the mind for five minutes today. Find a small, peaceful place to sit (can be on the ground or in a chair) and place your hands on your knees or in your lap. Gently close your eyes start to pay attention to your breath. Thoughts will naturally come in, but acknowledge the thought and then draw the attention back to the breath. Even just five minutes can completely set your day on the right track!

Recipe: More Chia Seed Pudding

Here's another scrumptious Chia Seed Pudding recipe. Whip this one up if you are missing a bit of the summer and need something delightfully refreshing. I can't describe how much I love chia seed as breakfast or a little snack at night. Enjoy!

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