November Challenge

Day 13/21

We have our second Choose Your Own Adventure for Day 13. Remeber these can be anything from running, swimming, jogging to surfing, cross-country skiing, or hiking. Whatever you choose, complete the activity for the listed amount of time under your track. These are great days to pull a buddy in for or make it a family affair. Get out there and have a blast!

Here's a brand new Spotify List to help get those cardio-sparks flyin'. 

Happiness Practice: Every Damn Day

On our last page of this week's Training Journal Add-ons we have a sheet to write in big letters three things you want to remind yourself every day. Take a little time to put real thought into this. What are a few things that when you remember to do them or acknowledge them you feel better and more grounded? What's something you might stuggle with confidence-wise but know if you say the positive end of it that you'll start to feel strong and empowered by? Think about, write it down, look at it ever damn day.  

Recipe: Roasted Mole Cauliflower with Chickpeas

So many reasons to say yes with this one! First off, I adore most things cauliflower, but to add mole... good lord! Heaven in your mouth. An awesome option to make as a main if you're having guests over and know there are a few vegetarians in the group. [Insert heart eye smiley face here a thousand times.]

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