November Challenge

Day 12/21

Time to jump into the second half of our challenge with this set of cycles. The first two are new movement combos to continue to keep the body guessing with the final cycle a repeat of last time so we can check in on how we feel. If you kept track of what number you got up to in your reps during your last five minute cycle of push-ups and air squats, then try to surpass it even just by one rep.

You've got this!



Everyday Athlete

Advanced Athlete

Happiness Practice: Gratitude Text 

Keeping on with our theme of the month, today we are sending off a tiny text of thanks to anyone in your life you think should hear it. This can be your kids, your partner, your co-worker, your neighbor, your parents... pick a person (or two) and really quickly let them know why your are so grateful for them. #MonthofSweatyGratitude 

Recipe: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus 

All Recipes has a whole world of recipes for you to check out, but for now here is an awesome hummus recipe you can use as a side or part of buddha bowl or as a snack. So many options, people!

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