November Challenge

Day 11/21

Congrats on completely Day 10's Benchmarks! Today we are working in a morning yoga to help start our day out right. Pop into your favorite local class or simply hit play and follow along with the video.

We are halfway through, beautiful folks! Keep up the amazing work and keep spreading your happiness around!

Happiness Practice: Back to the letters of love

On page two of our Training Journal add-ons you'll find space to write out a letter of love and appreciation to yourself. Taking time to acknowledge how much we truly love ourselves or taking those crucial first steps in learning how to start that process is so important. It helps us be more empathetic and understanding with all those around us, as well as, with ourselves. 

Recipe: Buddha Bowl

Here is a fully loaded Buddha bowl to really sink your teeth into. Loads of ingredients and taste in this one with (yet again) an awesome next day lunch! Does life get any better?

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