November Challenge

Day 10/21

Hello, benchmark day! Today we repeat our measurements, push-ups test, air squat test, and Day One workout to see how we are progressing. I also want you to take an extra moment and take stock on how you feel - throughout the day, in your clothes, how you move around, when you wake up, and how your moods have been over the last 10 days. You are doing phenominal work and should be so proud of yourself. 

As always, I love hearing how you are doing, answer any questions you might have, or just chat fitness so feel free to email and let me know how things are going!


Happiness Practice: Dance Party!

Pump up the tunes and get after your own dance party. Rock it out on your own or get the whole house/office/subway involved. However you choose make sure to commit... and then send footage :P Check out this Random Dance Mix to help start the motion!

Recipe: One-Pot Mexican Rice Skillet

I love anything that I can cook in one pot and be done. Mainly because I hate cleaning the kitchen, but also because the flavor level is usually through the roof and they tend to make fantastic leftovers. Here's a great one for the weekend from Two Healthy Kitchens

benchmark checkins.png
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