November Challenge

Day 09/21

Today we have a Grind workout with two four round sets between our CYOAs. Now that the temperature outside is dropping, switching runs for stair repeats is a great way to get that heart rate up without having to brave freezing your eyelashes off. 

Push yourself with the speed today! Your body is starting to get use to the daily routine and it's time to level up the intensity. You've got this.

As always, videos are linked on your membership page under the day. Enjoy, beauties!!


Happiness Practice: Love Letter Time

Flip to page one of the new Happiness Practice pages (linked on the November landing page) and either use the space to write your love letter or take out a card to mail. Take a little time today to write a note of love to your partner, child, friend, neighbor, or whomever you may adore and send it off to brighten their day. 

Recipe: Roasted Squash with Apple Salsa

Nothing like another beautiful acorn squash recipe to use this week with our grocery list. Love and Lemons is gorgeous source of recipes for any occation you can think of, especially all things winter!

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