November Challenge

Day 16/21

Today we are hitting the mat with power and grace. Find a nice stretch of floor you can stretch a mat or towel out on and get ready for some warriors, down dogs, and standing poses! If you'd like to have a chair close by to use as a stabiliter, then feel free. Kiss your hips because they're going to be a burnin'. 

Day Sixteen.jpg


Happiness Practice: 7-10 Minute Meditation

We're stepping up our meditation game today. Find that nice, quiet space where you can and sit your booty down. Gently close your eyes and start to slow your breath down. Set a timer for anywhere between 7-10 minutes and let your mind relax and focus in on your breath. Again, acknowledge any thought that might come in, but don't dive deeper. Let it go on it's merry way and get back to that peaceful breathing. 

Recipe: Vegan Collard Green Burritos

The Minimalist Baker is bringing us the colorful, nutritious vegan burrito recipe today and boy oh boy! There is no reason on earth why you should ever have to nix burritos from your life (well, at least in this girl's opinion). 

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