November Challenge

Day 21/21

Day 21! Holy mother, you are amazing. You stepped up, showed up, and made it happen. Not only did you stay dedicated to your goal, but you built healthy, positive habits that can last you a lifetime. 

I love hearing how it went and, of course, what can be improved, highlighted, or adjusted. Give me the deets here to help build an even better December Challenge.

I am so grateful for the dedication, time, and energy you spent with me over the last three weeks and hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!

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Happiness Practice: Listen, then respond 

This holiday season take time to truly listen to people. We have a tendency to listen with only half our attention and formulate what we are going to say in response with the other half. Let there be space between what the other person is saying and what you say back. A little silence never hurt and by doing this we are going to have a stronger and more meaningful conversation on the whole because we are not only reacting to the beginning of what the person was saying, but the entire thing. 

Bonus: Ackwardly long hug. Do it, film it, send it to me because they're hilarious. 

Recipe: Israeli Chickpea Quinoa Salad

I was talking this weekend with a friend and Israeli Salad was brought up and what a winner of a salad! Check out this built up version of the filling meal from Veganizzm.

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