November Challenge

Day 20/21

Day 20 is bringing us into a shorter CYOA than last week's to let our body recover a little bit before we dive into our final Benchmark Day! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Get out there and get after your swim, row, run, walk, jog, jump rope, dance-a-thon for your set number of minutes. This should be at medium intensity today to get that perfect blend of workout and prep. YAY!

Here's a brand new Spotify list to celebrate.

Happiness Practice: Now the tiny picture 

What are your tiny joys? Those little things that make you smile no matter what. Go through your day today recognizing the little moments that pop up that make you happy. Also be on the look out for what you can do throughout your day to create a tiny joy for someone else. Spreading smiles and love all over the place!

Recipe: When you need that sweetness

These are right up there with chia seed pudding recipes. I love the 100s of variations there are on them and they're a great way to satisfy that craving without going overboard (make small batches though). Check out this Snickers Energy Ball from our girl at Fit Foodie Finds!

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