November Challenge

Day 17/21

Hello, hello! Day 17 (17!) upon us. Today we are getting after our first set from Day 08 to start to feel our progress over the course of this second half and then head into a set of longer intervals to close out with a bit of a burn. 

Remember to keep up the water supply and as the holiday season offically starts to close in on us remember to take your deep breaths where needed!


Happiness Practice: Interview a Minion

Today we are finding a bambino (or teenager) and asking them some out of the box questions. You can start with the basics of course (What do you want to be when your grow up? What are you studying?), but then try to get into some not-so-standard ones. (What do you think is something actionable that could make a big impact on world? What do you think the likelihood is we colonize Mars in the next ten years?) Kids are amazing (and hilarious) conversationalist and asking some non-standard questions will certainly brighten up your and their day. 

Recipe: French Squash Soup

Last soup recipe! Check out this French Squash Soup from Lexi's Clean Kitchen. Whip up a batch this weekend and freeze any extras for fast dinners later this winter. 

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