November Challenge

Day 15/21

This is it, people! As we enter our final week, take a second to reflect on why you started your health journey and what the process has meant to you. Then get after Day 15!

I can't believe it's now the final seven days and you should be so excited for how amazing you're doing. New recipes and grocery list on the membership page. Here we go!


Happiness Practice: Learn Something New

Dive into a topic you've been wanting to learn more about. You can read an article or check out a TedTalk or EdX course. After you're done, jot down a few notes and ideas to reflect on the time spent. Continuing to expand our mind is one of the five ways to keep growing new braincells. Ohhhh yeah!

Recipe: Roast Chicken & Sweet Potatoes 

Bake up this straight forwardchicken dinnerfor yourself, the fam, or bring it to Friendsgiving or a non-turkey alternative. Then shred up and add to eggs the next day. 

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