January Challenge


For Day 20 we are setting out on a nice, easy Choose Your Own Adventure in order to let the body have a little break before rocking our final day of Benchmarks!

As always, you can pick whichever cardio-based activity you'd like but take it easy and start getting excited for tomorrow. Yay!

Happiness Practice: Tell Yourself What Matters

Make it a point today to wake up and tell yourself the top three things that matter in your life right now. Don't just rattle off the bullet points either. Give yourself the time and space to go over why they are important. This can do one of two things. It can help root the motivation to stay focused on the goal or subject matter or it can show you that maybe it isn't actually as important as you thought and allow you to fill that space with something that matters more to you. 

Recipe: What the what?!

Check out this Cheesy Healthy Mexican Zucchini Boat recipe that definitely has me dreaming of how I can make a lunch/dinner recipe into a breakfast recipe. Nacho inspired meals are cool at 6 am, aren't they?!

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