January Challenge


Day 19 (how has it gone this fast?!) is upon us and it's time to get into a set of rounds. We're kicking up the duration today, so set the mind to power mode and let's get moving. 

As always, take mini breaks where needed and then hop right back in. Strong form with rests is much more effective than sloppy, continuous movement. 

Yay, to the homestretch! 

Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: 2 Minute Gratitude Drill

Take out of piece of paper and set a timer for 2 minutes. Hit go and write down everything in this world that you are grateful for. People, places, things, ideas, relationships, policies, etc. Actively acknowledging our gratitude makes it easier for the brain to lean toward the good throughout our day-to-day life and recognize all the good in the little things. Not too shabby. 

Recipe: Paleo Pot Stickers

The universe did right by us when they created pot stickers. Actually, they may have hit their peak in that moment. Check out this paleo version from the famous Nom Nom Paleo for a version that won't make you cringe in overly fried bliss. 

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