January Challenge


Final week, baby. We're getting into a set of cycles today. The first is like our other, but the second set is a build where we add reps every round. You will start with 2 reps of each movement, then the next time through complete 4 reps of each movement, then 6, then 8, and so on.

Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: What in the goodness...

Set a timer for 5 minutes and hit go. On a piece of paper write down all the good things in the world you can think of. They can be personal, global, historical, whatever goodness pops in your mind - write it down. When the time is up take a look and see what you wrote down. Any patterns emerge? Anything that surprised you? Seeing where our mind goes is 1) just fun and 2) a great way to see where our mind gravitates to and how we can help highlight that for others. 

Recipe: Tandoori Chicken

Food blog all-star Nom Nom Paleo brings us this "super easy" chicken recipe. This is an amazing resource for paleo recipes and Whole30 recipes. If you're interested in either type of meal plan or simply want an abundance of unbelievable delicious recipes, then I recommend spending some time poking around!

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