January Challenge


Day 13 is about getting out there (or in there) and finding your zone. Run, swim, jog, bike, row, jump rope/kettlebell combo, dance, ski, etc.! Pick your wonderful, delightful, sometimes brutal poison and make it happen. 

Check out this brand new playlist for your audio enjoyment!

Happiness Practice: Go Do Something Fun

Whatever that means to you - go do it. Head out to a concert, a play, spend the night reading, head out to the local pub, hop in the car and rock an impromtu roadtrip (unless you live in the midwest... save that one for another non-winter storm weekend), or gather a few friends and have a night in. 

Recipe: 5-Minute Raw Banana Split

It's the weekend, baby! And we're teeing up a beautiful Raw Banana Split from the Minimalist Baker today. As a child of ice cream store owners, I can't really fully approve the fact that they're replacing the ice cream with yogurt, but it's not a bad option to have in your pocket! 

So Fetch

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