January Challenge


Our core is the foundation of the body and when strengthen our full core (back, hips, and abdominals) we lower our risk for joint injuries, muscular tears, and normal body degradation. Most of our workouts include movements that engage and strengthen our core and create more stability, but today we're giving it a little extra love. 


Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: Self Reflection 

Take 5-10 minutes today to reflect on the current self. What are you most proud of? What is a characterist that sets you apart from your community? What's a trait you would like to strength or change a bit? You are more than welcome to write these down or simply think through to start to build the habit. 

Recipe: Acai Bowls with Maple Quinoa Granola

Foxes Love Lemons coming through with an Acai Bowl to make our hearts and mouths melt! Check out this beautiful blend of warm and cold and be happy in its deliciousness. 

happy fruit.png
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