January Challenge


Day 9 is another short, sweet, and intense little beauty. We're sandwiching our rounds between two small CYOAs. Remember, always swap out a movement that doesn't feel comfortable for one you can crush. 

Get to it!

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Happiness Practice:  Thank you letter to someone who's gone

Take some time today to sit down and write a letter of gratitude to someone who has passed. Let them know why you loved the time they were in your life and what that time has given you in the long run. Expressing our gratitude even when we can't deliver it to the recipient can have a powerful impact on our mood and our sense of connection to those around us and ourselves.

Recipe: One Pot Red Lentil Chili

Add to the list another fantastic lentil recipes to have on call whenever you may need something warm, healthy, and delightful. Check out more of the blog for a whole universe of vegetarian recipes!

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