January Challenge


Day 8 is short and sweet, but we're kickin' up the intensity! Push yourself hard through each 8 Minute Cycle while keeping that amazing form and try to get through as many times as you can within the time frame. 

The scaling options are within the parentheses for each movement. Write down in your training journal how many rounds you get through to check back in later down the line if you're part of our Monthly Program. 

Push hard, darlings and make things happen!

Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: Pull a Nike and Just Do It 

Check in with your New Year's resolutions and take a couple minutes to recommit to those goals and then action towards them. No overthinking, just do it. Even if it's 10 minutes of real dedication to one of those goals it is one step closer to making it happen. Whooo-hooo!

Recipe: BBQ Black Bean Tacos

Tacos, tacos, tacos. What a lovely start to the week with the best type of meal on earth... tacos. Check outthis delightful optionfrom She Likes Food. This is a vegan option win too!

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