January Challenge


We're working those muscles and minds today with our Day Five workout. For our at home athletes, today you'll need a weighted object for your walking lunges and goblet squats. This can be anything from a backpack full of books, an old coffee container full of coins (as seen in the videos), or one of the minions running around your feet to an actual dumbbell, kettlebell, or plate. If you're in the gym, then pick up your favorite weight and hop to. 

If the weight becomes too much you can either pick up something lighter or drop the weight (not if it's your child) and go weightless for the rest of the set. 

Happy Friday!

Workout Videos

Happiness Practice: Three Good Things

Take an extra minute today and think of Three Good Things happening in your life right now and write them down on three seperate scraps of paper or post-its. Place these things in a jar or envelope and tuck away somewhere safe.  

Recipe: Butternut & Cauliflower Vegetable Curry Recipe

Is there any better time for tacos than on Friday? I mean, I'll take a taco any day of the week, but Fridays are something special. Check out this recipe from Pinch of Yum to spice up your Friday taco options. 

Little do they know Pinch of Yum is coming through for us!

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